Good Morning Australia and Brisbane! Lecturer Virtanen is on her way!

In the spring of 2016 NETNEP conference will be held in Brisbane. Seminar combines knowledge sharing and experience in nursing, midwifery and health education, researchers, educators, lecturers and speakers around the world.

The on of the main themes of the seminar are continuous professional development and education, related to teaching technology and simulations. (

During the three-day conference you can join a large number of speeches, keynotes, oral and poster presentations, which are presented by the world’s best researchers in this field. And can you believe that Lecturer Virtanen has been selected to this group? To present a poster and a short speech about ubiquitous learning environment from student satisfaction point of view. UNBELIEVABLE!!


A trip to Australia from Helsinki is aroud 14 727 km and takes more than 20 hours.


See you in Brisbane 304.06.2016 ! This is just crazy!!


Ubiquitous learning in virtual laboratory? What Is It?

During the past few years technological development in all area of daily life has been intense. Today almost everyone carries smart devices, phone or tablet computer which allows smooth access to the Internet and limitless digital resources.
In all levels of education there is undergoing a number of projects aimed to utilizate smart use of technological equipments to support teaching. For today’s young people, for ”Diginatives”, smart devices represents a pen and paper, a book, a camera, an information channel, diary, memo, a network of social relations with blogs, vlogs and real-time conversations.
Ubiquitous technology supports ubiquitous learning where technolgogy creates a possibility to study in all time and in all places. Learning can be expanded from classrooms to the library, cafeteria, transportation or to laboratory or the patient’s beside. It’s purpose is to open up new opportunities for learning and studying.

Virtual histology laboratory is a part of ubiquitous learning ernvironment. Via a smart device students can get acquainted with authentic laboratory work immediately in the beginning of studies. The virtual tour can be made together with the teacher and fellow students in course orientation or use as supportive material for the work throughout the course.

Virtual lab opens digital world the corresponding to authentic  laboratory world which you can move, rotate and stop in your device screen.
There you can find all needed materials for studies, all applications for collaborative working and communication, recorded video instructions, demos and tutorials and instant access to other learning environments, such as Moodle or virtual microscope.